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We are Sofi and Aye: Storytellers. 

If something characterizes us, it is our naturalness to capture the unique essence of all couples. We like to portray the authenticity of all of them.

Knowing them and knowing their history is essential to create your film and wedding portray.

We both come from the world of cinema, so our vision is closely linked to it.

We like our work to have that very cinematic look.

We are proud to ensure that our couples feel comfortable and protected from the moment they meet us and it is something we will continue to fight for.


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Aye Mattaini wedding photographer
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Sofi started in the world of

weddings 5 years ago.

Before entering this world, she studied film and television and has worked on various projects as a cinematographer. 

Her projects made her travel and she worked places like Bombay, New Delhi, Italy...

She loves to pay attention to small details and tell the stories that she sees full of beauty and the best of what is happening at that moment.

Aye has been a wedding photographer for

more than 9 years.

She was trained both in photography and in the audiovisual field, so he has a very cinematographic vision.

She has worked in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica...

She always seeks to portray the simplicity of love since in the portrait of those moments of happiness is where the magic lies.

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